If you’ve arrived here, it’s for one reason…

you’re ready.

Ready to make a change, improve yourself, and the lives of those around you.

In other words: you’re ready to become 10 times better at life!

Sure, sure,  it sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But it’s also a lot of fun…

because the truth is, trying to improve your life by 10 times – one which actually improves your work-life balance,  productivity, relationships, finances, health, mind, and more – takes work and dedication.

But you’re not alone.

10xToday is here to help. The site name 10xtoday.com is what the name implies: a way to improve your life by 10 times through eBooks and eCourses walking you through every step of the way.

Who’s Behind 10x Today?

Who’s behind the curtain?  Well… it’s us.

Adam CostaHi, I’m Adam Costa and my wife’s Darcie Connell (more on her in a sec).

Who we are and why you should listen to us requires some back story.

So get comfy.  It’s a helluva ride.

Discovering the principle of 10x…

It all started when Darcie and I took a 10-day meditation course in India. (Note: The meditation technique is called Vipassana and there are centers all around the world.)

We meditated for 14 hours a day, for 10-days, all in complete silence.

Yep, we didn’t speak one word for 10 days.  And during those 10 days I had a lot of time to think (while simultaneously trying not to think).

I had a profound clarity come over me and I realized at the end of the course, I was actually 10 times better at mediation.  And I thought to myself, “Why can’t I become 10 times better at every aspect of my life?

And the answer was simple:  I COULD! 

Since then, I’ve applied our 10x principle to everything in my life.

  • 10x my mind
  • 10x my health
  • 10x my finances
  • 10x my relationships
  • and the list goes on, and on

Darcie ConnellI started running and finished my first 50k.  I started working on increasing my income and we now make 10 times more than we did in our early 20s.  I started calling my friends and family to become 10 times more connected.  And I started working on making my marriage, with Darcie, stronger and more connected.

And you know what, our lives became easier, more focuses, and happier!

I proved that our 10x principles work!

And we’ve even applied it in our work.

Both Darcie and I are Business Consultants with the leading business consulting and conversion optimization firm in the world.  Working for them has been the biggest game changer of our careers.


We’ve helped over a forty big name clients grow their annual income by six (even seven) figures in every market imaginable, including education, travel, real estate, power, weight loss, health and fitness, commodities, genealogy, security, entertainment, supplements, software as a service (SAS), and more.

So why are we telling you this?

We have extensive experience working with individuals and business to make them successful. We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

In addition, we have built and operated our own web businesses AND shared our advice in over 100 publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, The Next Web, Mint, and LifeHacker…

We’ve written for over 100 websites:

Forbes Fox Business The Huffington Post

Lifehacker MintThe Next Web

Achieve Global Certified Trainer

Darcie is a AchieveGlobal trainer who’s certified to train businesses on sales effectiveness, leadership development, and customer service.

We wrote a book about internet marketing and travel: Business In A Backpack: How to Build and Run a Profitable Business While You Travel the World.

Business in a Backpack

Now let’s get a little personal…

We’re not all about business.

We moonlight as house sitters, so we travel the world and live rent-free (we’re writing this from our beach-front home in Morocco).  We’ve been traveling consecutively since 2008, and have visited over 35 countries.

Heck, that’s how we kick-started our honeymoon…

In 2008, we married and took a nine-month honeymoon through South East Asia, India, and Nepal. In 2012, we traveled through Central and South America. And today, we find ourselves all over the world through house sitting.

Throughout our lives, we’ve always shared a love of travel. We’ve cycled across Ireland, hiked 20 days through the Himalayas, scuba dove Indonesia, visited nearly all the National Parks in the western U.S., climbed Machu Picchu, and champagne tasted in France.

Today we live our dream, love every minute of it, and want to share our secret of success with you.

and if you’d like to learn more about becoming 10 times better at life, I urge you to sign up for our free e-course. You’ll learn a lot, I promise.

To your success,

Adam Costa and Darcie Connell

P.S. Sign up for the free course.  It’s completely RISK-FREE!